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Sports Performance & Academic Performance

"The easier you make it inside of your head, the easier it will be outside of your head..."

Richard Bandler

Hypnosis for Sports & Academic Performance

These possibilities of sports based hypnosis and performance are truly endless... 

Picture it, your team is about to play in the big Championship and each of them know how important their performance means for the team. Most of them feel an internal battle brewing in the pits of their stomachs. Negative thoughts are filling their minds.  

  • "What if I don't play my best?"

  • "The coach is counting on me."

  • "I don't want to let my teammates down."

  • "My parents are watching and I don't want to look over after I miss a shot and look at my father's folded arms and facial expressions."

There is a vast amount of research that shows that a large percentage of our self-talk is negative and self-defeating. 

Every thought that passes through our minds immediately impacts every cell in our bodies, almost instantaneously, through chemical and electronic changes. This means that the large muscles of our legs and arms…so important in tennis performance…are impacted directly and instantly by our inner thoughts. "Don't double fault" is often followed by a double fault.  "What if I lose the next game" is often followed by losing the next game. 

Why do you suppose so many of your players do much better in practice than in important matches or game situations? 

The answer is that they engage in negative self-talk when everything is on the line, not during practice. The good news is that these self-fulfilling prophesies that most athletes engage in are all avoidable!

The Ultimate Secret Weapon

Sport psychologists often teach athletes how to control their inner dialogue/self-talk, so that instead of developing negative self-fulfilling prophesies, they can actually develop positive ones. This is an excellent strategy for athlete or player to learn. 

The problem with it is that poor habits…especially thinking habits…are hard to break and when the player is stressed during an important event, There is a high likelihood that old negative thinking habits will once again rear its ugly head. This is where Sport Hypnosis has a tremendous advantage over other methods of helping players modify their thinking and behavior during crunch time. 

The athlete is trained to focus his/her concentration in such a way that they will not be distracted by negative thoughts. On the contrary, only positive thoughts and images will occur. This starts the evening before the match or game, where the athlete falls asleep visualizing the perfect performance and how they overcome every obstacle that comes their way. It is used prior to the event to prepare the athlete to relax and to focus on the court, without allowing distractions to interfere…and this includes distracting thoughts.

Ultimately, the athlete can be taught self-hypnosis, which they can use during changeovers. Sports history abounds with fabulous examples of athletes using hypnotic and self-hypnotic techniques to overcome adversity and enhance their performance. Tiger Woods, is probably one of the more well known for his success with hypnosis. Sports hypnosis experts, like myself, have taught hypnotic techniques to athletes in literally all sports, to enhance such important dynamics as intensity, focus, consistency, concentration, mental toughness and anxiety control.

While providing you, your players or your child with the best equipment, game strategy and conditioning are all key elements of success, experience with Sports Hypnosis can be the most valuable tool you will ever provide them!


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Academic Performance

"Hypnosis is not a cure, but as a means of establishing favorable climate in which to learn..."

Milton Erickson

A lot is expected of today's students. They are under an enormous amount of pressure to succeed in academics. The pressure comes from themselves, parents, professors, and friends. This causes a lot of stress for students. Success in school, especially the collegiate level, is a stepping stone to being successful in a career after graduation, so students feel the need to perform at their full potential. It is important for struggling students to seek help in reducing their stress with natural treatments such as hypnotherapy. 

For some students, the stress and anxiety of school and academics can become overwhelming. Stress affects students in many different ways. For some students, their grades start to suffer, which can affect their GPA in the long-run. Other students become so overwhelmed by stress that they drop out of college. According to the 2000 census, 50% of the population in the United States over the age of 25 attended college. However, only 60% of those who attended college earned an associate, bachelor, or graduate degree. This means that 40% did not finish college for various reasons.

A study in the early 2000's looked at the role hypnosis plays on treating test-anxiety in college students. The participants in the study were randomly divided into two groups. One group served as the control group and received no form of treatment. The other group received cognitive-behavioral hypnosis. The researcher evaluated the effects of hypnosis in improving academic performance and decreasing test anxiety.

Both groups were enrolled in a demanding psychology course. All students were evaluated based on their midterm grade and anxiety levels. The hypnosis group reported a significant reduction in test anxiety and improvement in academic achievement. Both groups were evaluated 6 weeks after the end of the course and the hypnosis group was found to have maintained their hypnosis treatment gains in achievement and reduction in anxiety. Cognitive behavioral hypnosis is a highly effective form of treatment that helps students improve performance and reduce anxiety.

Whether hypnosis is used or self-hypnosis is utilized  hypnotherapy is a very effective form of treating stress and anxiety in students. Having the ability to better manage stress not only improves their academic performance in college, but will continue to help them cope with stress in other situations throughout their lives. 

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